California Coast Yachts Tech Service

With our California Coast Yachts After Sales Program, you can turn to us to handle all maintenance and repairs on your vessel. Our customer service representatives are ready to answer all your questions and will gladly give a personalized quote.

California Coast Yachts’s experienced and certified technicians can perform all required tasks regarding maintenance, repairs and services.

  1. Electrical
  2. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  3. Interior Cleaning
  4. Glass Fitting
  5. Detailing and Repaint
  6. Underwater Cleaning and Repainting
  7. Engine and Generator Service
  8. Fiberglass Repair
  9. Fitting Accessories
  10. Systems Inspections
  11. Teak Refinishing
  12. Topside Exterior Cleaning
  13. Carpentry
  14. Etc.

When choosing California Coast Yachts After Sales Program, smooth sailing is guaranteed.

Marty Reichman with Anchor Marine Underwriters has been working with California Coast Yachts since the 1990s. Contact Anchor Marine directly at 714-609-6977. They have offices located in Newport Beach, Seattle, Anchorage, and Florida. Visit for more information.